Hunter's Moon Paddle at Halloween | 281/365 Things to Do

Halloween Hunters Moon PaddleLooking for something different to do this Halloween season? October 12, 2019 is Spooktacular at CGT Kayaks.  You can hear pirate and Calusa Indian stories from Johnny Silver before the Bat Paddle. This is the night of the Hunter's Moon. It once marked the time to hunt and trap to store up for winter. It was also a time of sacrifice to prevent the dead from rising.

The Calusa Indians ruled this land for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived and their spirits still haunt these lands. Old Downtown Bonita Springs was built by leveling Calusa pyramid mounds and then building on top of them.

The roads are made from the shell taken from these mounds. Today we walk and drive on the 6,000 year old ruins of a great and powerful Native American civilization. The spirit of the Calusa can be felt on the Imperial River as you paddle down at dusk. But when the sky fills with bats you forget the Calusa and think of more even primitive times.

If you’re looking for fun things to do this Halloween be sure to sign up.  Space is limited. The trip is approximately 2 hours long departing from Riverside Park. Reserve your seat today $45 per person. To learn more about this future events with Calusa Ghost Tours call: 239-221-8218