How's the Bonita Springs Real Estate Market?

Bonita Springs Hawk

How’s the Real Estate Market? Ah, the age old question that can have a thousand different answers even when asked at the exact same moment in the exact same city. 

The state of the real estate market is perspective.  Perspective of the home buyer, perspective of the home seller and perspective of the real estate agent who could have been in business for decades or, like in 2019 could have been in business for fifteen minutes. If a person thinks they can’t sell real estate because it’s a bad real estate market they aren’t going to sell any real estate.

I, myself, have been in the business for a couple of decades … yes, a career agent, full time the whole time.  I’ve watched the tide wash in the real estate agents and wash them back out again, too.  So here’s my $.02 cent perspective on the Bonita Springs real estate market. 

A real estate agent will have an experience no different than this hawk.  The weather might be totally rotten but life still goes on.  You still have to put food on the table. 

Listing agents still list homes for sale and buyer’s agent  still help buyers purchase homes.   The home seller still has to put food on their table. They also still have to have a home to put their table in. 

Maybe they need to sell because the kids grew up and moved out. Maybe the kids have to sell the house because mom or dad went to be with the Lord. Whatever the reason and no matter how abysmal the real estate market is homes that are priced for the market will sell because someone will purchase a home for what it is worth.