Bonita springs real estate wordle

It's not always about real estate

I do have fun on the web and I read a lot of other writers. I was reading another real estate agent's blog and found wordle.

This is a fun little gadget that can scan your site and compile your text and writing into a tag cloud. I've seen it around a bit a thought I'd try it. I stayed with the average "standard" non-threatening colors and whipped it up to

Not long after I experimented with my wordle cloud I checked in to read the most recent post on The Pioneer Woman. Her dog, Nell, has been missing and I was wondering if she turned up yet. Nell, is still off wanderin'. At any rate there was a magnificent piece on farm kids and calf castration. I know. I happened to be eating tacos with chipotle tabasco at the time so it was all a little too realistic.

Care to guess why I no longer live on a farm?

Daddy's Girl

At any rate, I wondered what the wordle tag cloud looks like for a website that has a graphic description of what goes on on that there range with those calves and testicle counting cowboys. Maybe Ree will find the link someday to this story and wordle herself. Happy Trails!

If you're interested in experiencing a little bit of life on the range, go here: and don't forget to subscribe to the feed.