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Homes For Sale In Bonita Springs | Online or Out of Touch

Never could anyone have imagined just a few short years ago that social media would be such an important way to advertise and sell real estate. With the technological advances that have developed over the last decade we’re well beyond a real estate agent needing a website. We’ve now also crossed the threshold of a real estate agent needing several key social media platform accounts.

If you’re one of the consumers out there that just don’t “get” computers, the internet or email I realize not everyone has embraced technology. You do not, however, need to list your home without asking some important pivotal questions regarding where your real estate will be found online when you list it for sale.

When you’re interviewing real estate agents to list and sell your home their listing presentation should include aspects of how they market real state online. Some presentations are delivered on tablet PC’s or iPads, as well as in booklet form. One way or another you should be able to collect some information regarding where your home’s listing info will be syndicated.

Websites and social media platforms you should be expecting to see in a listing agent’s presentation are:

· A blog – Not just a website. At the very least your home and your neighborhood deserve an information packed post for consumers to find when they Google your neighborhood or your address if there is a yard sign for example.

· Facebook – A link to their personal Facebook profile and their Facebook business page. Your listing can and should be syndicated and published to subscribers of the business page.

· Twitter – Perhaps the real estate agent’s Twitter ID

· YouTube – YouTube is a video channel which is both popular and high ranking in search engines. Your home and your neighborhood should now have a video produced for marketing purposes by your listing agent.

· Google+ - Google’s social aspect of the brand.

· LinkedIn – A business/professional social networking platform.

· Craigslist – A free yet powerful online classifieds website.

· A host of other lesser known yet powerful platforms – Flickr, Picasa, Live SkyDrive, Vimeo, Animoto.

Once your real estate is placed online in the MLS – Multiple Listing Service it will also be syndicated to a variety of powerful websites such as Trulia, Zillow and These websites position little icons on individual pages of properties; a blue square for Facebook, +1 for Google, a birdie symbol for Twitter, the list goes on. When other consumers find your home listing on the internet they can easily click the icons to either bookmark the property for future reference or to share it so that their friends or family can see it, too.

It’s sort of 21st century version of a flyer on the bulletin board at the grocery with the little tear off phone number tabs. Instead tearing a paper tab off, people electronically click tabs and either save it for reading later or send the tab to someone else for them to read, like their own real estate agent or family and friends.

You’ve heard of the phrase “viral video”, a video so popular and seen by so many people that Kathie Lee and Hoda end up putting it on their Good Morning America show, too? It all started with someone thinking a video was cute or hilarious or ridiculous and clicking a tab to send it to a friend or share on a social media website. That’s sort of how marketing real estate with social media works, too.

Now go forth and ask questions and if you’re really confused about social media hire some kid in the neighborhood for an hour to help you compare listing presentations and check up on the prospective listing agents and their tech savvy abilities.


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