How Long to Sell Bonita Springs Home

Length of Time on Market for Bonita Springs Home

Most home sellers are curious how long it will take to sell their property in Bonita Springs.  Many home sellers do not realize that there are actually a few factors that will help you ball park a time frame from listing to contract.  There are four real estate factors for home sellers: condition, location, inventory, price.

Condition - Before you list your home is when you can work on improving the condition. First, a home can never be too clean.  You can rely on home staging, pre-inspections and hire a handyman to tidy up a few loose ends prior to listing.  It can increase your odds of selling by about 25% simply getting the property ready for sale.

Location - Location isn’t something you can physically change but it is a factor about which to be aware. For example, if your home is in a community where the identical floor plan is for sale or has recently sold, you may have a better view or be on a larger lot in a more desirable area of the community.  That could equate to a faster sale or even a sale at a higher price.  The same goes for a home that may have a less desirable view. Sometimes it is difficult for home sellers to be objective about the subtle but important differences that location means. A premium location can mean less time on market.

Inventory – Knowing how much competition is out there is key understanding how quickly you can or should be able to sell your home.  You will need an absorption rate for you property in order to know how many months or years of inventory there is when you decide to list your home for sale.   If your listing agent performs the calculation and it shows six months of inventory,  you price the property and do not get showings or you are listed beyond the six month mark, there is something wrong.  Either price, condition or location will have to be adjusted as needed.

Price – The only factor that cures all significant issues facing a home that is not selling is pricing. A home seller can’t physically change the location of the home. They also can not change the current inventory in the real estate market. If they are not able to improve the overall condition of the property the only other factor that can be changed is price. 

An experienced listing agent can help you with both pricing your home and estimating time on market prior to listing the home for sale.

Bonita Springs Listing AgentIf you would like to speak to Chris Griffith to learn more about the length of time it will take to sell your home or condo in Bonita Springs, Florida, call or text 239-273-7430.  Chris is an experienced listing agent and a Certified Residential Specialist in Southwest Florida.