Bonita Springs Bike Corral

Housing discrimination is alive and well and happing in a city near you. It can be found in every city, undoubtedly even in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida.

What did these bikes do that they are not permitted to live inside the bike corral at Bonita Springs Middle School?

In the Sale and Rental of Housing: No one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap:

Race or Color - Notice that there are no pink bikes on the "outside" of the fence.

National Origin - Is it only the bikes that were made in China that are not allowed to live there?

Religion - Clearly the rust bike on the left is Muslim you can tell by the fabric the seat is made out of, right?

Familial Status - Families with Children Under 18 or Pregnant - It's obvious to me the yellow bike on the right has a fuller frame than the rest, clearly with child. This is NOT a 55+ adult corral, for the record.

Disability - Do only the "outside" bikes have rusty chains?

If you're thinking that this is ridiculous and some of the accusations are speculative you need to know that real life fair housing violations are quite similar. The only difference between the example of bikes and "real" people is wheels versus feet. The only difference between this happening in Anytown, USA and the Bonita Springs Area is just geography.

If you're a Bonita Springs homeowner or a landlord you need to know that your real estate agent cannot screen tenants or buyers for you with regard to the protected classes listed.

Finally, if you think you're a victim of housing discrimination in Bonita Springs contact HUD to file a complaint.

To learn more about housing discrimination and the rights of tenants and buyers of real estate visit the official HUD website.