House Hunting Horrors

$180,000 Less Than 2005 Appraisal!

There have been a few ads spotted out there with the declaration of how much lower the home price is compared to an appraisal from back in the day. Advertising an old “appraised at” price is totally irrelevant to buyers. If a home was such a great deal and priced so far below anything that could possibly matter to a buyer then why hasn’t it sold in the months that it’s been on the market?

I’m really not clear why anyone would feel compelled to point out a 2005 appraisal price. It makes as much sense as wearing a t-shirt that reads “I’m single and looking and I weighed twenty-five pounds less last year”. In order to sell a home shouldn’t the benefit of owning the home be marketed, not a baseless, out dated appraisal?

There are some real gems out there in real estate advertising both by real estate professionals and for sale by owners. Sometimes I wonder what people consider an actual benefit of owning a particular home to be.

Some of the touted benefits I’ve seen remind me of the home with I.O.L. in the movie Arthur. I.O.L. was the abbreviation for “instant on lighting”. It turns out that when you flipped any light switch in the home the lights would instantly come on. It was a hilarious situation and a insight into what consumers deal with when weeding through prospective properties to purchase or lease.

Properly advertising a property whether it’s in the multiple listing service or on Craigslist is a matter of truthfully explaining the benefits of ownership to entice buyers to look at a home and purchase it because it is what they’re looking for, not en embellished fairy tail of what it’s not. Unfortunately, an unbiased description of the truth is a huge gray area that some take liberties with.

Gulf access real estate is still considered gulf access whether it’s navigable by kayak or a Hatteras yacht. Gulf view property is still considered gulf view even if you’re hanging off the side bedroom balcony stretching to see it, while your real estate agent is holding your belt loops.

Unfortunately, there’s no rating system to gauge benefits and features of real estate. Most of the time homes and condos with a gulf front gulf view aren’t differentiated from homes with a glimpse of the gulf by way of that whole tethered belt loop, Flying Wallendas balancing act.

If you’ve read any ads lately, what is legitimately considered an upgrade in a home is subjective and sometimes makes for good for comedy. There are soaring nine foot ceilings, sweeping views of privacy walls and too many upgrades to mention, but they’re listed and available upon request.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, apparently so is the opinion of what is actually an upgraded household feature. Unfortunately, it’s the prospective buyers that get to filter through what is or isn’t an upgrade most of the time.

That upgraded dome ceiling actually had an expiration date and those newer Formica counters could actually be an upgrade but that would probably only be when comparing it to a home that didn’t have any counter tops at all.


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