Bonita Springs Home Watch


So, he casually mentioned starting a

home watch business in Bonita Springs Florida...

Almost everyone knows someone in their neighborhood that is just the greatest person.  My neighborhood is no exception.  More than half of the residents of Bonita Springs, likely, know my favorite neighbor.  Ron Clase was a teacher at Bonita Middle School for almost 1,000 years.  I think every kid just loved him.  I know my kids love him to pieces.  He's been retired from educating for a few years and mentioned to me that he was starting a home watch business.

One random day I received a call from a young lady that was in need of services that a home watch expert can provide - Keeping your home safe, accepting deliveries, meeting repair people, meeting a tenant to pick up keys, etc.  I passed his name on to her.  Minutes later my door bell rings and it's Ron, nearly breathless and clearly surprised that his business phone is now ringing.

OK, so I made his home watch business wheels turn a little faster than he had anticipated....and the rest, as they say, is history.  I've given Ron a few more referrals since then, too.  I ran into Ron's wife this evening and she says that things are going smashingly well with their new business kicking off.   "So, you're ready for more business?"  I asked.  Kathy cheered, "Yep, we licensed and insured and ready to roll." 

So, I told her he's fair game for this blog and business that finds him through it.  So here goes.  Ron is a great person.  You couldn't ask for a more respectable, respected person to watch your home while you're not in the Bonita Springs area able to enjoy it.  If you are looking for someone to care for your Bonita Springs home or condo the home watch company you need to call is Ron Clase Home Watch.  Tell him Chris sent you.  (I really owe him for helping me raise my twins and being such a great influence on them.) 

I've trusted Ron with my children, your Bonita Springs home is going to be in great hands.