Artist Cottage Bonita Springs

Riverside Park – Island Park – Depot Park – Liles Hotel

When you’re done staring at the cute little dog in front of the Artists Cottage at the Liles Hotel, shut down your computer and go to the park.  Do it right now.  Personally, I consider it a crime that more people do not visit this park and it’s just a waste to not make use of it. Heck, you can probably eat a picnic  lunch right on that table in front of cottage number two.

Today, unlike any other day I met dozens of people, saw children playing, wildlife, dogs, folks fishing and people enjoying the great outdoors.  These parks, Riverside Park, Island Park and Depot Park are all hooked together and one of the biggest hidden gems in Southwest Florida.  It’s acres and acres of wide open green space, grandfather oak trees with hanging Spanish moss, playground, bike and walking trails, the artists cottages and Liles Hotel and the Imperial River runs through all of it.

Today, I took my trusted pooch Slum Dawg Dillionaire for a walk and not only did we get to see the beautiful holiday decorations but we also met some new people and even saw a Barred Owl at the creek in Island Park.  

We’re at this park all the time and we’ll be there next Sunday for church in Riverside Park, too, so come down and maybe you’ll see us. At the very least you’ll, get some fresh air and exercise in a beautiful park.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Bring a friend to Downtown Bonita Springs, Florida and make their day, too.  They don’t know what they’re missing, either.