April 2012 Historical Sales

Sales History of Bonita Springs Homes and Condos

Bonita Springs real estate has changed dramatically and quietly over the years but often times consumers have a hard time figuring that out with the conflicting reports that make it to the mainstream media.  A good portion of the reason why I blog is to write accurate news.

Oye … most real estate buyers and sellers don’t realize how time consuming it is collect the data for these reports.  That being said, here is the latest and greatest of what is going on in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area.  For the most part it’s all good, we’re selling off inventory like gang busters and the market is stabilizing and moving forward. 

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All information is deem accurate, not guaranteed and subject to change.  Check the date on this report for freshness.  If you have questions regarding your particular neighborhood, your street or your home specifically you’re welcome to contact us for a current market report. Real estate consumers that read this website are urged to seek independent, professional legal, real estate and financial advice before engaging in any transaction. All information is deemed, accurate, subject to change and not guaranteed.