Historical Real Estate Sales July 2013

The Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Recovery in Ink

Enough can’t be said about the Bonita Springs real estate market and how the recovery has quietly moved along.  Real estate inventory is low, low, low.  I showed a snapshot of one day of recorded real estate transactions on our new MLS to give people a truthful depiction of how fast our real estate is selling and to demonstrate the shortage of inventory. 

You can see that here, How Fast is Bonita Springs Real Estate Moving?

If you needed to see a graph that shows how many units of real estate sold over the last decade just to compare, this one is picture perfect.  We’ve been on a slow, steady climb and that is now over. We are seeing multiple offers in real estate sales, homes are selling over list price and often on the market for only a few days.  Take heed, gentle real estate buyer.  You may need to get very serious about buying your home and not missing the boat … especially when the tourists return.


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