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Welcome back, snowbirds.  We’re seeing the car haulers on the sides of the streets again.  Those snowbirds will come back and probably be shocked at the changes in our Bonita Springs real estate market.  Inventory is extremely low, especially in entry level priced real estate.  It also moves swiftly. 

I saw a comment on Facebook by a local real estate agent marveling at yet another investor coming to the area who, still, thinks thinks this is a distressed area. Make no mistake, we’ve recovered and prices have been going up for some time. We’re clicking along at a good pace now.

To put the climbing real estate prices and inventory into perspective; at the time of publication there are only four single family homes on the market under $100,000 in Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.  Three of those homes are $99,900 and may have financing issues for mixed zoning or age/code issues. 

Chris Griffith RealtorAll told, there are only seventeen homes and condos under $100,000 in Bonita Springs and Estero at this time.  A few years ago, there was a sea of real estate inventory.  We’ve quietly recovered and with that recover and absorption of inventory, the prices go up.

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