Historic Vintage Homes Bonita Springs

Historic Vintage Homes Antique Homes Bonita Springs

When you have the opportunity, take a drive down Pennsylvania Avenue in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Where Oak Creek meets Pennsylvania, an architect by the name of Christian Busk has salvaged and preserved historic homes.

Founders and influential residents of Bonita Springs and the SW Florida area have often had their homes fall into disrepair due to age, neglect or the elements.  As the value of land in Southwest Florida has grown, the homes have become a detriment to the property owner and are usually slated for demolition.

The homes, originally from various locations in Southwest Florida, have been relocated to Bonita Springs, rehabilitated and restored to their original grandeur.  They're quite charming and it's worth it to take a drive or bike ride by them.  The area they are situated in has a meandering creek and mature trees that the homes have been carefully placed amongst.

Bonita Springs Historic HomeThe restoration of these relics is more than a labor of love.  The man who renovated them, Christian Busk, has a respect for architecture and history and preserving perfectly.  The Packard Home, The Haldeman Home and the Nutting Home are three homes at the Pennsylvania Avenue site at this time.

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In addition to the renovated historic homes the City of Bonita has renovated the Liles Hotel and the cottages at Riverside Park less than a mile away in Olde Downtown Bonita Springs.