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Choosing a Real Estate Attorney or Law Office

You may have already asked or someone may have told you but using a real estate attorney to close your real estate transaction isn’t required in Florida.  It is, in professional opinion of most real estate agents, a very wise choice for most transactions.

The real estate market has changed dramatically in the last few years.  The fact of the matter is that there are many real estate transactions which involve more than just a buyer, a seller and the standard boiler plate contract at this point.  There are lenders, short sale lenders, lien holders, foreclosed lenders, servicing lenders and investors who all have a finger in the pie, so to speak. 

Any number of surprising glitches can occur in a real estate transaction but just add the complication of bank involvement or a sale in distress and matters can spin out of control easily. 

Many consumers wait until there is an issue that pops up and then they call for an attorney, instead of hiring one to overlook the entire transaction.

As a real estate agent, I’ve heard consumers state that they thought that an attorney would be expensive or that they are just too intimidated to involve one.  In my experience, an attorney provides very affordable advice for such a large financial decision. Why not empower yourself and have the best possible advice and a professional looking out for your best interests?

From the standpoint of a real estate buyer, it is someone to review all documents to make sure a closing takes place with an unencumbered title and that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.  The so-called T’s get crossed and I’s get dotted.  Should there be a surprise, there is someone already in place to take action for you and protect your real estate transaction.

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If you are selling real estate, you should know that often times there isn’t much difference in cost between what a title insurance company charges and most real estate law firms. 

The bonus with using a law firm to close your real estate transaction is your own personal real estate attorney who has reviewed documents and the transaction thereby protecting you from unseen surprises, title issues and liens to something as pedestrian as a buyer who gets cold feet. 

Just like choosing a real estate agent, choosing a real estate attorney may take some research.  If you’ve done your research for the real estate agent, ask for their advice on which real estate attorneys they can refer.  Your real estate agent have likely worked with most of the attorneys in the area and can recommend those who have proven track records and are experienced, responsive and efficient. 

I whole heartedly recommend using a real estate attorney for both buyers and sellers of real estate and my professional recommendation for my client’s real estate transactions is Sharon Zuccaro.

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