Hertz Estero Florida

Buying a Car in Estero or Bonita Springs Florida

One of the most important tools a real estate agent can have is a dependable vehicle. My last vehicle of choice was the Mini Countryman, All4, four door.  Well, it unexpectedly died. It’s terminal.  Rather, it would cost so much more to fix than I am willing to spend.

The part I hated most about what happened next was the hostage situation of purchasing a car without the benefit of “day dreaming about cars” or doing thorough research about the vehicle I would end up in the next several days. Without naming brands I was able to squeeze in a few test drives in between home inspections, buyer showings of homes and a listing presentation. I quickly discovered that cars are expensive. Some of the payments are more than a mortgage payment for a starter home in the Bonita Springs area.

I am always showing homes or running errands to service my listing so I wanted an attractive car.  New would be nice and white would be great.  One of the cars I test drove was a Toyota Rav4. The payment still bothered me and I pouted the entire evening after that test drive.  The next morning I woke up and, for whatever reason, I thought to go to the Hertz website.

The Hertz World Headquarters is in Estero, Florida, just up the road. I recalled that they had a car lot where they liquidated their inventory of rental cars.  To my surprise there was a white Rav4 listed for sale on their website.  We just got through Hurricane Irma and cars were selling quickly due to the flooding so I gave a quick call to verify that it was there.  Minutes later I was in the showroom with Ricky working up paperwork to take it home.  Hertz has no-haggle pricing and on-site financing specialists.

My car buying bar was set pretty low with vehicles. I was shooting for affordable with round wheels that moved from A to B but instead I scored an affordable 2017 model Toyota Rav4 with low miles. I was even able to purchase a six year, 60,000 mile warranty. Oh, and it was white!

I just thought I’d let you all know that there are alternatives to new car buying and you’ll get a great deal by considering Hertz for a car purchase along with new car dealerships. This is especially a good tip for those who are looking for a “condo car” or an inexpensive vehicle for their second home in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Finally, I’m comfortably back on the road and selling real estate in my own car.  All I have to do is think of a name for him, now. 

The Hertz car lot is located in Coconut Point area just North of the entrance to Rapallo and across US41 from Fountain Lakes.