I'm a Sucker For Dogs

The Susan Komen 5K run will be coming up in March and I am not remotely ready.  I must first try to push the plate away or put the fork down.  Oink.  Next, I need to actually run.  Uhg.

Having been under the weather for many weeks I just started putting the gym shoes back on.  Just a few days ago I decided to run to the grocery for detergent and GNC to get my vitamins.  My favorite GNC Store is in the Target  (and Publix) plaza on the corner of 41 & West Terry Street in greater downtown Bonita Springs, Florida.  The owner is very personable and knowledgeable.

On my trek to the store I store I passed a few of these posters tacked to phone poles.  My first impulse, being the smart ass that I am,  was that it was a play on the joke about the dog that was missing and had a missing leg, missing eye, fleas, broken tail, accidentally neutered and has the mange and answered to the name "Lucky".  Then I realized that there were so many posters that the expense was too much to be a joke.

If you've seen Lucky, the dog with a missing left eye that loves everyone call the owner.  His phone number is in the picture above.

Yes, I carry a phone with a camera when I run.  In case I have to call a cab or something.