Bonita Springs Home Seller

Have Bonita Springs Home Sellers Missed the Market?

Are you worried that you’ve missed the market? The Bonita Springs real estate market, like much of the country, has had a meteoric rise in values. Right now, there are home sellers who worry that they’ve waited too long to sell home.  There are some sellers whose circumstances quickly changed and moving or relocating out of southwest Florida is inevitable.

Let me ease your concerns about selling your Bonita Springs home in this shifting market. Nothing has changed as far as evaluating and pricing a home for sale. Really. What has changed it the demand for homes and the lack of inventory. If you put your home on the market today would it have dozens of visitors fighting to get in and dozens of people writing offers with ridiculous prices and terms that solely benefit you as the home seller? The answer is maybe not but that does not mean that your home is not saleable. You can still realize a very good sale price. Buyers just aren’t motivated to pay next years prices. Don’t let the news and the click bait website intimidate you. The sky is not falling in Bonita Springs.

I’ve been a listing agent in Bonita Springs  longer than some of the new agents have been alive. My specialty is analyzing real estate market data. We use statistical analysis approach when listing homes. Most real estate agents do not even know how to calculate these the stats.  These equations help you get a true value your home and estimate time on market so that you’re priced appropriately for the current real estate market; not over priced, not underpriced. This is how you can rest assured that you’re not leaving money on the table and it’s also how to attract the buyers who are willing to not only look at your home but also be willing to place offers. If that just happens to generate more than one offer it encourages buyers to place their highest and best offer and potential create an environment with more attractive terms and better offer prices.

The promise that I make to you is that most of this information is presented to you, as a home seller, in black and white and it is really easy to understand. Let me show you how the statistics will bring logic to your home sale and a faster, easier sale at the highest price and best terms, even in a shifting real estate market. Call or text any time 239-273-7430.