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Which is Worse Being a Chic or a Real Estate Agent?

Saturday open houses with a bright blue sky are usually a bust, but today I actually had more than a few visitors. I ran out of flyers, as a matter of fact. Traffic was good in spite of the picture perfect weather I was staring at through the window. Usually, when it's THAT nice outside people are hitting Bonita Beach or one of the many golf courses in Bonita Springs instead of going to open houses. The sun is a curse for an open house in south Florida.

Something perplexing [offensive] happened at the open house today, though. A man with friends in tow suggested that I give "the sales pitch". I don't know what usually happens to buyers that tour open houses, but the last thing I do is cannibalize buyers or give the strong sell & a hustle. I was sort of surprised that this man even said that. I replied to him, "I don't pitch, I answer questions and I ask questions. Buyers know whether it's the house for them or not". He then suggested I get down on my knees and beg as part of a sales pitch. I replied, "Sir, if there is one thing you can count on me not doing, that is me taking a knee and begging you for anything."

Just when you think it's safe to go in the water, sharks show up. I don't get it. Was it because I am a woman or because I'm a real estate agent that this man felt the need to try to be a hater? [Boing Fwip] What the heck is so wrong with being a woman? Further, what the heck is so wrong with being a real estate agent?

All I do is just help people buy and sell homes. It's not illegal. Heck, it's not even bad. I help grown children pack and move their aging parents to a new home. I put young adults in the first home they'll ever own. I put bursting families into homes that will hold everyone, plus the set of twins on the way. I help part time residents find easy maintenance free get away homes. Now, what could anyone possibly find wrong with that?