Bonita Springs Sam Humphries

Happy New Year Bonita Springs! 1/365

Another year in the books an new possibilities abound in SWFL. Walking is nothing new for me and Dill. I love to be out and about. There aren’t many places I haven’t walked in the Bonita Springs area. One of my regular places is the sidewalks along West Terry Street. From my house in Bonita Farms  to Riverside Park and back is about a 5K.  Sometimes I just walk up and down all of the streets along the way.

We have great walking paths in this area so if you’re looking for something to do and a great way to meet other Bonita Springs residents take a walk.  Today, January 1, we ran into Sam and many of our other usual walkers, joggers and bike riders. Sam is a fixture on the sidewalk. He’s a WWII veteran and ninety-seven years old. He carries dog treats in his pocket so Dillon is all about running into Sam.  All of the dogs are about running into Sam.

We’re going to cover many walking paths and parks over the next year so stick around and visit the blog frequently. We're going to do our best to post daily. This is 1 of 365.  

Have a great new year, Bonita Springs!