Donna The Duchess

She’s nothing but trouble, I say, don’t let the Miss Breck hair fool you.  She’d short sheet your bed or throw firecrackers in your campfire the minute she got the chance.

I thought I’d find a few of the classic pictures to scan and post of mommy dearest but I just couldn’t find many that I think she’d approve of.  She’s a lady that tries to control her 1.0 media.

What a trip going through a box of old photos. The weddings, the birthdays, the pranks and practical jokes.  It’s all documented for posterity.

Now, what you might not know about my mom is that she was the quintessential lady about the manor farm wife from the mid west and she was probably “going to town” for a birthday or New Years or something in that dress.  Either that or somebody died.

She raised her children with dignity, manners and even considered boardingreformmilitary home schooling to give them the most that life had to offer.

Farm life wasn’t going to hold her children back from learning proper etiquette and the formalities needed to really get places in life.  A mother can love and teach her children the ways of the world and the appreciation and need for higher education.

Refinement can be built and taught, it need not be born into a child.  Children are molded by their mothers and the end result is the ultimate trophy of life – well rounded socially acceptable children and a family that is envied by the neighbors.

I wonder if she knew that while she was posing for that picture, we were being “refined” in the next room like this:

The Cru

Counter clockwise starting at the left: My brother, Dimples – who made me drink green Dawn dish soap that one time when he baby sat, my cousin Alex, Gramps, Cram who obviously needs a nap, me – my eyes got stuck like that from drinking green Dawn dish soap, my father, a traffic cone, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Canai [yes you can] wine in a glass, not a jar.  Proving that, oh yeah, you can teach refinement.

I love you Mom!  I swear.