Rice in Their Hair

Two Laborers From Dog Patch USA

My parents were hard workers.  I couldn’t think of better poster children for Labor Day than the two of them.  They were farmers, like as in milking cows, herding cattle, we had pet raccoons, raised chickens, kind of farmers.  They were also in construction.  Labor was a daily activity … don’t get me started on the strife of being raised on a farm.

While my father has been gone for a few decades, my mother is still around.  She is still a worker.  When she manages the strength, she cans sauce and veggies and gives to others.  She’d kill me if she knew I shared with you but, since she’s been ill she still cuts coupons, shops sales and has her husband of nearly 25 years or children buy the sale food with coupons on double coupon day for the local pantry. 

The labor force this year is suffering.  If you’re gainfully employed, enjoy your Labor Day vacation and if you can spare a coupon or cash, buy a jar of peanut butter for your local food pantry.  You know some kid has a belly with an echo in it that needs quieted. 

If you’re in Bonita Springs, Florida you can drop a jar at the Bonita Assistance Office:

10322 Pennsylvania Ave
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

(239) 992-3034?

You can always drop it off at Spanish Wells Country Club on Thursdays at Bonita Springs Rotary Club Noon, closer to 11:45 would be the best time.  Several members are affiliated with Bonita Assistance and would be happy to deliver it for you.