It was about this time last year that I was harassed and badgered into switching to my own self hosted blog.  Apparently, there were a few people that felt I had potential and thought that I should get my big girl URL,  I promptly named her Betty and started typing.  Three keyboards and now a new laptop later I'm somewhere up around 500 posts for this year alone.

Thank you Bob Carney, Sarah Cooper and Linda Davis for making me take my training wheels off.  Super, special thanks to Bob for fixing everything I break on this blog.  I think it needs updated again, by the way.

The blog has done some great things for me this year. I've been to Washington DC to speak at NAR Mid Year, I started writing a little column for the Naples Daily News and I'm going to speak at FGCU a couple times in the next week and in the spring.  Who woulda thunk it?

Thanks for reading, Betty and I appreciate it.