Gulf Coast Motorworks

Gulf Coast Motorworks 90/365 Things to Do

Located in Bonita Springs near Woods Edge is Gulf Coast Motorworks. I’d driven by it a million times. Besides noticing the Deloreans I had not paid a lot of attention.  When I listed a condo for sale in The Carlysle I noticed car shows and events on weekends.  There was this cream colored Ferrari parked there for one … whew, what a pretty car!

First, Gulf Coast Motorworks has a spectacular variety of exotic and unusual cars available on site. Second, when they hold an event many other car enthusiasts show up with their own gorgeous cars.  It’s a feast for the eyes if you enjoy cars. When I drove by today I followed in a stunning Range Rover plus there were so many beautiful cars and even a car carrier offloading a Rolls Royce.

If you are interested in keeping tabs on Gulf Coast Motorworks events I encourage you to follow their event page on Facebook.  It seems that there is always something interesting to attend, especially during "season".

You can find it here: