Everglades Tomatoes Bonita Springs

Grow a Winter Garden in Bonita Springs 60/365

In the Bonita Springs area our summer is sort of miserable with rain and oppressive heat.  Starting toward the end of September we get a break in the weather and we start with winter plantings both ornamental and gardening.  This year we put in a few raised garden beds.  I purchased easy to assemble aluminum beds on Wayfair. It’s true, they sell everything including gardening supplies.

We got off to a bit of a rough start with our garden. Many older homes in the Bonita Springs area have well water to irrigate their yards. My home in Bonita Farms has a well. I think the garden was over watered. We lost most of our plants but we didn’t lose two tomato plants.  I was gifted Everglades Tomato plants by a client.  Now, when you look at the picture you may smile because the tomatoes are so small but they are a strain of Florida native tomatoes so they love our weather.  The tomatoes are just the tastiest, juiciest tomatoes you can imagine.  Like the old days before food was mass produced and flavorless.

If you decide to garden you can join a variety of gardening and plant groups to learn how to grown in southwest Florida. If you’re a seasonal resident you can also grow plants in flower pots on the lanai or patio.  Seeds for Everglades Tomatoes can be purchased online and occasionally local master gardeners will be benevolent and give you some.