Deromos Bonita Springs Florida

Grab a Slice at Deromo’s in Bonita Springs Florida 37/365

Deromo’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant in Bonita Springs, is located at The Promenade Shopping Mall in front of Bonita Bay. Deromo’s is an amazing place to visit whether you dine or not.  The deli is remarkable and a feast for the eyes.  There is also a separate full service restaurant.  For this adventure, this is a fast and easy way to grab dinner and do a little people watching.  Of course, people watching is such a fun thing to do, too!

Inside of the Deromo’s gourmet store there is a pizza bar.  Pizza and hot sandwiches are available.  Pizza by the slice is a fast, easy fix for dinner after a long day.  It’s perfect for casual dining, too.  You simply go to the pizza bar, order your slice, they warm it up for you, box it and you pay at the register. You can grab a drink from the coolers by the check out or you can get a glass of water which is in a denser by the door.   Outside the door are several café tables with umbrellas. 

There are generally several styles of premade pizzas available by the slice. Just be careful when you order your “slice”.  A slice is actually a quarter of a pizza which is equivalent to two regular-human-slices of pizza. The first time Jerry and I ordered “two slices of pizza” we had essentially ordered a full pizza and had ridden bikes to Deromo’s so it was an adventure getting those extra slices home.

If you’re looking for a fast way to grab a bite to eat head to Deromo’s. It’s worth the trip and the the pizza is great!