Bonita Springs Listing Agent Family

Being a Listing Agent Should be Sewer-Free

Yesterday was one of those days where I worked all day but feel as if I got nothing done. I literally spent the day watching plumbers bent over toilets.  Several of my friends who are in Orlando, Florida at the National Association of Realtors Conference barraging me with texts like, DRIVE UP NOW! or why aren’t you here?  My last correspondence to them yesterday was, Hi ladies, I’d rather be visiting with you all but I thought it would be so much more fun to stare at plumbers butts all day.  Ah, the glamorous life of a listing agent.

This is the part that most home sellers or probably even most consumers don’t realize.  Bonita Springs is a destination location and many of our home owners do not live here.  Someone has to meet the trades when something goes wrong or to have the repairs completed from a home inspection. Someone has to do the dirty work and it’s usually me. Yesterday’s dirty work just happened to be involving plumbing. One of the properties even needed a camera run through the pipes from toilet to street to make sure there wasn’t a blockage. 

I reaffirmed a few things as a listing agent.  First, plumbing repairs are not inexpensive.  It’s a nasty job and those guys have to touch some gross stuff.  Second, big trees such as banyan or ficus trees are destructive and that is why HOA’s limit tree planting and why certain varieties of trees are prohibited. Third, there are cockroaches and various other critters living in the sewer plumbing even at the prettiest houses.  So … putting plastic wrap over your toilet and having a home watch person make sure that the water level in your toilet bowl and sink traps doesn’t dry out is a must. (please tell me you have a home watch person if you’re an absentee owner) Wild kingdom lives in the sewer drains under your home. I saw it with my own eyes. Trust me, you need to monitor that situation. I’m hoping I don’t have nightmares from it.

Today’s another day.  This listing agent is hoping that it isn’t nearly as glamorous as it was yesterday.