Honey Bee & Yellow Jacket Removal in Bonita Springs FL

It all started off like a regular day in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida.  Somewhere through the course of the day my family loaded up to have lunch at the Survey Café.  Upon our return we were met with a bit of Amity meets Bonita Springs.  There were bees in the house, many bees, lots of bees, honey bees.

While we did manage to get most of the honey bees out of the house they kept coming in slowly, like a dripping faucet. We’d hear the bees buzzing and there one would be zipping through the house.  There was a brief period where the bee traffic slowed but then it picked up again, this week.

We finally called a bee person, or bee company, a pest control company who specializes in bee infestation or bee removal and Kevin came straight out to analyze the situation.  In a matter of moments he was able to determine where the bees were coming from, how they were getting in and put a stop to it. Sorry bees, but a house is not a home when it’s full of bees. Plus, Dillon the Villain doesn’t have enough sense to not bite or eat them.

If you’re ever surprised by a visiting colony of bees someday you might need a bee professional and that would be Pro-Tech Pest Control Specialists, Inc. Here’s their info:


Pro-Tech Pest Control Specialists, Inc.

239-348-2337 – Collier County

239-567-2337 – Lee County