Get a Passport & Married in Bonita Springs | 284/365 Things to Do

Lee County Tax CollectorOne of the girls on the team took a photo at the Lee County Tax Collector’s office and it displayed a list of services you could accomplish on site.  Getting married is one of them, by the way. It’s probably not the most romantic location but knock yourself out.

Today, we decided to tackle a few of those things on the list.  The drivers license renewal and passport renewal.  We though that since my driver’s license expires at the end of Tourist Season that early October would be a better day to brave the DMV over Easter week.  Jerry’s license expires a few weeks after mine so we both renewed our driver’s license.  It was a long wait even off season. By the way, they take lunch and leave.  They just do.  It was about an hour and a half of waiting to do a 5 minute license renewal.  I had already exhausted my online renewals and had to do the eye text.  We also had to make sure that Jerry’s license was “star compliant” because it wasn’t really visible on his "vintage" license.

Lee Clerk of Courts is only there on specific days so don’t roll in there on any given day and expect service.  Long story short, if you can solve your issues online be sure to try that first.  The Lee County Tax Collector isn’t for sissies. I did meet a few nice ladies while I was waiting, though.

We opted to renew the passports through the online portal and we updated our passport photos at Walgreens at the south gate of Pelican Landing near the Chamber of Commerce. That only took a few minutes.  We dropped it all in the mail with the application and the check to the state department so we should be legit for the next several years.

If you have your pick, wait until June to visit the Tax Collectors office. It wasn’t fun in October. We admit that we dropped the ball and should have done it in the summer.