Moss Rose Butterfly Garden

My Back Ten Feet of Bonita Springs Real Estate 

An avid reader and follower of shiny things, I followed a mentioning my blog and also found a link to The Back Ten Feet, the youtube channel, actually.  I followed the shiny things from youtube to their Facebook, to their blog and I got hooked.

Weeks early, I had just happened to have experienced The Butterfly Effect on my blog by posting a picture of a monarch butterfly on a flower.  A reader told me what the plant was so I could coax butterflies into my back yard.  Read also: Monarch Butterfly in Deerwood Bonita Bay

There is a patio behind my house which is circled by a flower bed which is about forty feet in length and about two or three feet wide. A few short weeks after my butterfly post I was gardening for butterflies in the back ten feet which was woefully neglected and for the most part empty.

I’m baby steppin’ it in the gardening arena but I now have a healthy population of Monarchs to keep my Gulf Fritillary company.  I accidentally learned about the Gulf Fritillary years ago after buying a purple passiflora.  I have passiflora growing out my pockets so if you would like on, just give a call or an email and I’ll get one to you.

At any rate, gardening for butterflies in Bonita Springs is fairly easy and a relatively inexpensive hobby. If you’re looking for inspiration there are butterfly gardens at Riverside Park behind the Liles Hotel, Bonita Nature Place on Kent Road and in Bonita Bay at Estero Bay Park.  There’s also an emerging one at my house that you’re welcome to come see.  I’ll do my best to post a picture or two from this point forward.

The picture above is the Moss Rose.  It’s one of the easiest plants to grow and has beautiful, fresh blossoms every day.  I planted a few of them around the shallow terracotta saucer I am using for a bird bath. Today, I saw a blue jay taking a sip.