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Free Bonita Springs & Estero Wind Storm Inspections

The nutshell version: Get your home inspected for free to save money on home owner insurance premiums. Period.

Who is eligible for the program?

Owners of single-family homes in Bonita Springs and the State of Florida.

How to apply:

Apply online at call the Florida Department of Financial Services, 1-866-513-6734.

Here is How it works:

In two to three weeks, an inspection firm will schedule an appointment. The inspection will last 30 to 45 minutes, and the report will be sent to the owner of the Bonita Springs home in about a month.

This free home-inspection program run by the state has cut participants' premiums hundreds of dollars according to newly released figures from the Florida Department of Financial Services.

The My Safe Florida Home program is available to all single-family homeowners, but not to owners of condos and townhouses, for whom there is no similar program available. The home-inspection program, which typically would cost $150, has been in effect for nearly 18 months, and officials want to get the word out to encourage more people to apply.

"In some respects, people think it's too good to be true because it's a free inspection," said special programs administrator Tami Torres. "They think there must be strings attached or something, but there aren't. It's really all about educating people and hardening our housing stock in Florida."

Here's how to get started. Steps for Windstorm Inspections

If your Bonita Springs home is eligible and in need of upgrades you may be able to apply for a grant and financial aid to help update roof, gables and shutters.

Get crackin' and schedule to get your home inspected today!

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