If you're facing foreclosure or thinking of a short sale in Bonita Springs and run across a way to salvage your home "that may be good to be true", it just may be too good to be true.

Unfortunately, desperate times bring out the worst in scam artists who will try to prey on the desperate home owners in the Bonita Springs area. They are coming up with new and illegal ways to dupe homeowners out of their deed. If you are investigating foreclosures scams, if you're behind on your mortgage, if you're looking for credit salvation or responding to an offer to reorganize your finances to save yourBonita Springs home, pay attention.Freddie Mac has prepared this short video to help home owners avoid having their home stolen from them through deception and fraud.

If you are experiencing financial hardship you're slipping behind in your house payments and you're looking for a place to start click here:Freddie Mac - Avoiding Foreclosure Mortgage fraud is against the law! Report mortgage fraud to the authorities.