The Homeowner’s Parting “Remarks”

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We’ve seen it all and we’re still seeing it, the trashedforeclosure.  Occasionally, the owners have just walked away and left the home intact.  Other times they take it out on the walls and strip the home bare. 

Recently, I had a home inVillage WalkofBonita Springsnot appraise for financing.  It was being compared to homes that whereshort salesandforeclosureswhich were not in good condition. They did not have appliances and likely had mold issues since the air conditioner was not on for months.  The subject property was a walk away in pristine condition with all of the appliances. 

Foreclosure effects more than just it’s home owner. It effects the neighborhood, the property values and the person trying to get an appraisal next door because the property appraiser compared apples to apples with bruises and rotten spots all over it.

All’s not fair in love and foreclosure.