Deb & The Dynamics

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The Fort Myers, Florida based, live entertainment band called Deb & The Dynamics are a local SWFL favorite entertainment machine. They’re a go to band for great live entertainment and have a huge following in Southwest Florida.

The band was originated on Pine Island Fl. in 2003 and they have rocking all of Florida and on occasion other parts of the country with their power house sound that cant help but make you want to get up and dance. They really do bring the dance party.  The band plays multiple styles of music, rock & roll ,70’s dance, blues, jazz, funk & popular dance music.

Deb & The Dynamics is a seven piece band with a strong rhythm section with powerful vocals along with a 3 piece horn section.  They play over 250 shows a year for nearly two decades, to date.

You may see them even play at local festivals but they book for many local clubs and restaurants in SWFL. I saw them at Doc Ford’s on Fort Myers Beach, once, and they were so great. Everyone was up dancing. My favorite part was when someone in our group kept requesting a song they said that they would play it if the request maker sang it … and he did.  The crowd went wild!

If you’re looking for fun things to do and a great time find Deb & The Dynamics on the music scene.  You can follow their events at their Facebook page: Deb & The Dynamics