Flipping Real Estate

Teaching The Shoe Shine Boy to Flip Homes

Well there it went, the first radio ad broadcast for or a seminar on how to flip real estate in the southwest Florida area.  Why the adster even boasts that the Greater Fort Myers area is ripe for the picking.  If want to make money in two easy steps, the ad urges you to contact them immediately because seating is limited.

If you’re a regular reader then you probably realize that I am  disgusted by the get rich flipping real estate scams. Plus, I hate it when people take other people’s money for some bogus seminar.

So, if you found this post by Googling how to make money flipping real estate know this: The person who is putting on the seminar would be out flipping real estate making money instead of getting suckers to pay to attend a seminar on how to flip real estate.

For what it’s worth, this are is above the curve in real estate recovery. Buying cheap homes, doing some cosmetic touch up to flip the home was two years ago.  If you pay someone to tell you the secret on how to flip homes and make money, I sure hope that the first thing they tell you is that you should have been in the real estate market flipping homes, two years ago. 

Our real estate market has been through the worst of it, like I said.  The excess real estate inventory is absorbed.  There are values out there but they move quickly, often with multiple offers.  Just an FYI.  When the so call investment tip filters it’s way down to the proverbial “shoe shine boy” it’s past it’s prime.  We’re in a hot market and some scammer is trying to get all of the shoe shine boys to pay to be in a room and listen to bad advice on how to flip homes.  Someone has to say it’s a bad idea and I guess it’s me.