Flesher Farm Mailbox

Flesher Farm Will Have Holiday Lights 2010

Once a month, on Friday morning the Bonita Springs Association of Realtors hosts a breakfast meeting for members and affiliates.  Our meeting was held at Worthington Golf and Country Club this month and on my way I cut down Bonita Grande Road.  I always try to get a look at The Horses at Flesher Farm.

As I drove by, I realized that their mailbox was an opportunity to talk about Flesher Farm and wonder aloud if they’re having Christmas lights and holiday activities. 

Since my twins were little squirts we’d visit the Flesher Farm and buy “reindeer food” to leave by the tree for Santa Claus.  The light displays went on for years.  There were a few years taken off and last year the Flesher Farm put lights up again.

Updated:  Fleshers are having a Christmas light display this year, 2010.

If you hear anything about a Flesher Farm Christmas light display being planned, let me know.  If you’re wondering where the Flesher Farm is located, it’s on Bonita Grande Road very near Bonita Beach Road.  Here’s a map of the area just in case there is a light show on the way … or if you just want to drive by and see Linda’s horses swishin’ their tails and grazin’.


Map picture