Imperial River Bonita Springs

 Bonita Springs Real Estate Myths

1. There are homes for sale on the Imperial River for sale for $100,000.  No.  There are barely any homes available at that price, let alone on the river.  That price is a ridiculous stretch for gulf access real estate in Bonita Springs.  There are more bar stool stories about fabulous real estate deals that someone claims they scored.  Show me a title to the property and I’ll believe it.

2.  A buyers market means real estate waits around for you to make your offer.   It depends.  If you’re looking in the $200,000 and under market you need to strike like lightening.  Under $400,000 you have to move fairly fast on real estate.  Check out this graph showing real estate sales by price point:  SW Florida Real Estate Sales June 2009

3.  Just because prices have decreased doesn’t mean real estate hasn’t picked up.   In the month of June single family homes accounted for 74 closed sale real estate transactions compared to 63 in 2008 and 56 in 2007. 

4.  Banks quit loaning money on Florida real estate.  They’ve always been lending, it’s just that they’re requiring borrowers to have decent credit, a job and income to cover the dept.   Weird, huh?

5.  Foreclosure real estate is the best deal.  There are other properties, often in far better condition, that can be a great value.  Short sale real estate transactions take longer sometimes but they’re often in better condition.  Plus, there are also homes for sale that are just for sale at a good price.  They’re not bank owned and they’re not short sales so they’re well cared for and close fast.