Fishing the Sanibel Island Causeway 140/365 Things to Do

Sanibel Island Causeway

When you think of Florida, you may think of all the fishing that can be done on the coast. My Bonnita Springs based family enjoys fishing in their spare time. This last weekend my husband Jon and I took the kids to the Sanibel Causeway. Our son was so excited to fish all day.

When we go to the causeway, we typically park on the 2nd island from the main land. That is the island that has the BBQ Grills and bathrooms. You are able to pull up right to the waters edge, and just enjoy the day in the sun.  There’s nothing more tropical and Florida feeling than the Sanibel Island Causeway.

This past weekend there were decent amount of people fishing and hanging out on the causeway. Our tourist season is over so the locals are out enjoying a little down time. We even saw a few 4 legged friends playing in the water with their owners.

The Sanibel causeway is made up of 2 islands, and 3 bridges. There is a $6.00 toll for vehicles, Motorcycles are $2.00 and there is an extra cost for each axel with the bigger trucks.  While you’re on Sanibel you should also consider visiting Captiva Island or the Sanibel Lighthouse.  The summer time is less crowded so it’s a treat to visit Sanibel without the congestion and traffic delays.