The Mailboxs at Lowes

This week has been a little hectic. For all the whiners who think southwest Florida is doomed rest assured that Bonita Springs real estate is, in fact, selling. There's been enough activity to get me buried a little behind. Yeah, I heard the recent foreclosure reports about Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Sure the news was bad, but real estate is still selling. You can read the entire article here:

For what it's worth, we have to get through the short sales and foreclosures before this real estate market, here or anywhere else in the United States gets better. We can't wish this market away and pretending it isn't happening is equally futile.

So after a week of hard work trying to choke down short sales I ended up taking the evening off for a quick trip to Lowes Home Improvement Store to get a shelf for the garage and take a quick pit stop in Tijuana Flats.

While I was at Lowes I ended up walking down the mailbox isle, just by happenstance. Naturally, I cursed that I didn't have my camera but made do and snapped a couple of picture. I know, this is the "fish in a barrel" version of the Mailbox Series. For what it's worth, the mailboxes still had something to do with homes since they were in a home improvement store.

An employee of the store asked me what I was doing and told me they have a company website which will have all of the mailboxes with better photos, even. I thanked him and told him about my mailbox series and how I take photos of random mailboxes all over town. He then told me where to find the allegedly ugliest mailbox in Bonita Springs, Florida. I'll be the judge of that. If it is as bad as he says, you'll see it next Friday.

I hope you enjoyed your "fish in a barrel" mailbox post. I'm open for tips if you have an unusual or ugly mailbox tip to pass my way. Here's one more:


and another:

Mailbox Estero