Lamb Shank at Figs Grille Bonita Springs

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Everyone once in a while I get Jerry to accompany me to #1 NY Nails for a pedicure and afterwards we get to share a great dinner at Figs Grille.  Let me tell you why I love Figs Grille so much.  The large menu, plain and simple. 

The biggest issue I run into as a non-meat eater is something meaty and manly for them men in the family to eat.  One of the frequent specials is the lamb shank that Jerry just loves. It is usually served with a side of orzo but they substitute potatoes for the Irishman.  It just falls off the bone and it is one of his favorites besides the veal.

I usually order the vegetable tagine or an eggplant dish.  I don’t usually vary because I love both of these meals and they are large enough for there to be a leftover for lunch the following day.

If you’d like to look at their menu: They are located in the plaza with the Lee County Tax Collector across the street from Bonita Bay.