Fiddler Crabs Bonita Springs

Fiddler Crabs Estero Bay |167/365 Things to Do with Kids

There’s nothing terribly exciting to the locals about seeing fiddler crabs but if you’ve come from outside of the area and you’re visiting Bonita Springs or Estero you may not know that we do have different critters in this area.  The fiddler crabs are near the water on Estero Bay, Estero Bay State Preserve and Lover’s Key by Dog Beach.  

If you’re looking for interesting and basically free things to do with kids this would be a cute idea. You can even pick up a few sand tools and nets at the dollar store and scoop for things in Estero Bay or on the gulf while you’re down there.  The crabs won’t hurt the kids. They’re basically too fast to be caught so you can walk around or just sit down and wait for them to pop out of their dens.

If you do scoop in the bay there are a variety of shellfish and even sea stars in the bay. A local program called Estero Bay Buddies may also have organized activities for kids so check their website before you arrive.