Farmer Mike's Is O-P-E-N

Farmer Mikes is open again (November 2012) Last week I learned that Farmer Mike's traditionally opens the day after the Taste of Bonita festival.  Since I was involved in the Taste of Bonita as a member of Rotary I was at the festival.  My daughter brought me a bowl of fresh vegetables from Farmer Mike's booth as my lunch.

You really can taste the difference when fruits and veggies are farm fresh.  I liked what I had so much that I made a trip to Farmer Mike's today just to get some more.  With LBD in tow I headed down Morton Road and out to the fields.

You don't have to pick your own, for the record, but you can if you want.  There is a covered produce stand and a little barn to order and ship citrus for the holidays.  I wouldn't be lying if I told you that there were at least 10 types of peppers at the produce stand.  Have you ever seen purple peppers?  Farmer Mike's has them.

On my way to the car I spotted this sign and mailbox by the tomato field.  Even a tomato needs a place to get mail.

If you are thinking of heading to Farmer Mikes road side stand drive US 41 to West Terry Street.  Take a left on Morton Road right after you go over I - 75.  Farmer Mikes is a mile or so down Morton Road on the right hand side.  For a map kind of close to Mikes:  Click here