Magnolia Seeds

Red Magnolia Seeds in Bonita Bay

A question I’ve heard by visitors and residents of Bonita Springs and Southwest Florida is, “Don’t you miss the seasons?”  We actually do have seasons, but they’re just not blatantly obvious and we don’t have to shovel the winter season.

We have spring, we have fall changes just like our northern friends, minus the snow.  We get our spring sprouts, we get our fall color changes.  It just has to be looked for, like in this magnolia seed pod.  The magnolias are huge white blossoms in the spring and summer.  To see them read also:

The Magnolias Trees at The Gates of Serrano

In the fall the pods have bright red seeds and are shaped like pine cones.  The pods litter the walking paths of Bonita Bay near the entrance to Whiskey Pointe.  They’re probably in a Southwest Florida neighborhood near you, if you just slow down a little bit and look for them.