You've Never Thrown a Fish in a Toilet?

Yesterday I furloughed the parents and invited them to make a trip with me to Everglades City for the seafood festival. It had been several years since I’d been and I just had an urge to see rednecks throw mullet fish into toilets. Yes, they have a mullet tossing contest on a field lined with toilets. As it turns out, it will be another year until I get to see that event.

We were almost there and then we ran into gridlock. See that little navigation screen? After about 20 minute in the Tamiami Trail parking lot I zoomed in and found out that we were 6 miles from SR29, the road where we have to turn to get to Everglades City. We were going no where fast so we had a group vote and decided to turn around. I hate to be a big fat quitter but I’m still not over waiting in line in Flaggstaff to ski at Christmas. What a fiasco.

So, I got to spend quality time with my parents driving all over creation and then they took me to Sam's Club.

This morning I checked Twitter to see what was happening at the festival and traffic was backed up eight miles from SR29 at 8:00 a.m.! See you next year, Everglades City, I just don’t have the determination to get there this year, no matter how good your funnel cakes are.

I’ll head back to the Everglades after tourist season and do a Corey Billy Airboat Ride.