Evening Walk Riverside Park Bonita Springs

Evening Walk at Riverside Park 76/365 Things to Do

If you have a hard time getting your exercise in because the day just gets away from you, consider walking at Riverside Park.  My daughter and I frequently end up at Riverside Park walking our dogs.

Periodically, after work we meet up to blow off some steam with a long walk.  We have  been walking the perimeter of the park by walking along Old 41 to the Imperial River, then along the boardwalk to the Artist Cottages and then we continue through the parking lots and walk behind the band shell and then continue to Front Street that runs parallel with the railroad tracks until we get to Kentucky Street. We walk along the boundary of Shangri La Hotel until we get to Old 41 and then head north again and do the whole loop again.

The route we take is well lit and there are a surprising number of people not just sitting around at the park at picnic tables but also walking, jogging or pushing strollers on the same loop that we are walking on.  The down town area has tons of street lights and lots of activity after hours. 

If you go and you bring your dog they are technically only permitted at Depot Park.  There are dog waste stations and free poo bags on that side of the tracks.  Most of our interaction at Riverside Park is on the sidewalk. It makes for a great walking route so be sure to call a friend some evening if you’re looking for things to do.  It’s a beautiful downtown area and a great place to see.