Not a Bonita Springs Florida Mailbox

Photo credit John Lauber

One of the best selling features of Bonita Springs real estate is the snow up north. People from all over the Midwest come to our little part of Florida just to escape the winter weather. Yes, they came to Bonita Springs this winter, too. In spite of everything negative on the news about the economy and real estate we still had people that spent money to either fly, drive or fly and drive. (They ship their cars on haulers and fly down to meet the car).  They even spent more money when they got here; on real estate.

It’s been a seriously busy week. Many cold people have come to the area and I think their buyer confidence has returned. It isn’t just busy in Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida. I hear real estate is flying off the shelves in Cape Coral, too.

When the Cape starts moving, you know things are looking up. Cape Coral was hit hard with excessive development followed by massive foreclosures. Investors and those priced out of the market are back and on the buy. Last week my mortgage broker, Brian Fulton at Tomasso Mortgage told me he’s never been busier. He’s based in Cape Coral but does mortgages all over Florida.

Today, I’m off bright and early myself. The morning buyers with be looking in Miromar Lakes in Fort Myers, Florida and the afternoon buyers are looking at short sales in Bermuda Park. I get to see it all, folks.

No matter what type of real estate these buyers choose today I at least know that they will never have a mailbox at the end of their driveway smashed by a snow plow.

Drifting sand, it’s a good thing.