Ducks in Bonita Springs

Ducks on Boula Street 100/365 Things to Do

You can take the girl off of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl.  Oddly I do live in Bonita Farms, though there are no farms located in this part of Bonita Springs any more.  I have put the miles on my sneakers burning up and down all the streets that run off of West Terry Street.  Right across from Bonita Middle School is a street called Williams Road which leads to River Royale. When you turn on Williams and immediately turn on Boula there is a boat ramp and a family of ducks that hang out.  White, Pekin farm ducks … just like the good old days!

In this area of SWFL we have a lot of Muscovy ducks and mottled ducks so seeing a stark white duck when I was walking was both a surprise and a delight.  They literally stand there and eat all day.  I have walked with Jen and taken her by them and even driven by with Jerry and a few clients when I am out showing property.  They are probably from Rural King which is about a mile away.

If you love critters drive by and take a look at them!  If you’d like to see Muscovy ducks they frequent both Nuttinglikit Grove and Rio Vista Estates off of Pennsylvania Avenue.