Beautiful Florida Sky

Seeing the Pretty in SW Florida

Last Friday I took this picture on my way from Bonita Springs to Estero for a home inspection in Stoneybrook. Half dazed with my head tilted sideways and listening to talk radio I had to tell myself to look....I mean LOOK at how pretty the sky was. I was missing a perfect sunrise, driving right through it like Mr. Magoo. Our sky is pretty here a lot, I mean most of the time it looks like it has been computer enhanced and in this photo it's just a random Friday morning in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Southwest Florida really is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately it doesn't take long for people to become so accustomed to the area that we just don't see it any more. Take, for instance, the gulf ... as in the Gulf of Mexico. There are times when I don't see it for months and make a conscious choice to drive down and watch the sunset. I shame my self into some of the most beautiful sunsets I the world because I know there are people who dream of seeing it and come from half way around the world just to see it. Meanwhile, I'm squandering sunsets left and right. I have been taking Bonita Springs for granted.

It's the same with the flowers. Florida was named by Juan Ponce de León. It was named "Pascua de Florida," meaning "Feast of Flowers". You'll have to call yourself to action and actually look around the next time you're driving, walking or riding a bike. This place is covered with Flowers. Some of them are so tiny you can barely even see them. Every day we blow right on by them because we're use to them.

Take time to smell the flowers and make time to visit our beaches. We've got awesome city of Bonita Springs and Lee county parks, The Great Calusa Blueway canoe and kayak trail and state parks all over the place. There are plenty of things to do in Bonita Springs. Make sure you're not missing it.

If you have a great outdoor find, share it in the comments section. We'd love to know about it.