Griffith Family Collage

 Where The Griffith Family Lives

Nearly every home buyer I work with will ask where I live.   It happened just the other day and I went into the details; I live in Bonita Springs in Bonita Farms, thirty plus years in Bonita Springs in a dozen homes, my kids live here, my mom lived here until she passed.  I’ve owned a variety of homes and, well, quit moving when I was searching for a home to buy in Pelican Landing and my twins announced that if I moved them again that they were going to get an attorney and emancipate themselves.  (I believe that brilliant idea came from  MaCaulay Culkin the kid from the “Home Alone” who did it to his parents.)

I’m not sure if it should be a requisite for a real estate agent to own real estate in the city in which they work but I would certainly think that it would add value or confidence to the real estate consumer if they knew that their agent believed in Bonita Springs real estate enough to actually own it. 

A quick run down of my own home ownership and even vacant land ownership in SWFL spans a few cities and neighborhoods including Leitner Creek, Rosemary Park, San Carlos Estates, Boca Palms, Bonita Shores, Captain’s Bay, Brendan Cove, Bonita Farms, Nuttinglikit Grove, Grandezza and Bonita Golf and Country Club.  There may be a few more than I’m just not thinking of, plus a few vacant land parcels which traveled through my ownership.  

The twins are grown and gone, married and have their own families.  Jennafer lives off of Goodwin Street in Old Bonita and Jon lives in Heitmans in the State Streets.

The short version is that never, in 30 plus years of living in Southwest Florida, not owned real estate whether it is a home, condo or vacant land and I believe it is a testament to the quality of life and the value of living in Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples or Southwest Florida in general.