Look at those Snappers!

Alligators Get Heartburn, Too.

So I'm sitting there just a few feet away from the "do not feed the alligator" sign watching a family of tourists feed the alligator.  I guess people from Ohio can't read.  They must have given him a whole loaf of bread and a half dozen chicken wings.

The signs are up for a reason.  If you feed an alligator, bad things happen.  Having nearly dealt with the business end of an alligator myself I can tell  you they're dead serious about their business.  The signs are up for a reason, the *law* is there for a reason.  By the way, you're not suppose to feed most *wild* animals, here.

  • Don't feed the bobcats.
  • Don't feed the gators.
  • Don't feed the dolphins.
  • Don't feed the manatees.

Here's an idea, don't feed anything unless it barks and has four paws.  If you feed anything else, it's a no-no.

That "do not feed the alligator sign" is at the Trianon Hotel at the Promenade in front of Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida.  If you're looking for a safe place to get a look at a gator head out to the lake house and watch for the tourists whippin' crap in the water.  That's where the gator would be.