Depot Park Bonita Springs

Depot Park | Riverside Park | Island Park in Bonita Springs

Depot Park is a park behind Riverside Park on the west of the train tracks.  Dogs pets are permitted at Depot Park if they are on lead. Dogs are not permitted in the fenced playground area. There are huge oak trees draped in Spanish moss so there is plenty of shade.  A foot bridge crosses the Imperial River from Depot Park to Island Park another park in Downtown Bonita Springs.  Island Park can also be accessed by foot bridge via South Riverside Drive.  Many of the "locals" have dogs off lead at this park. The park is not fenced but is bordered on one side by a fence and the other by non-functioning railroad tracks.

Recently, Bonita Springs has opened a fenced off lead dog park on East Terry Street at Matheson Drive. The dog park offers three "size related" dog corrals with shade, water and a walking path.  To learn more about dog parks or dog friendly parks visit: and look for the park locations denoted with a paw. 


Depot Park at Riverside Park

If you’d like to visit Depot Park or Riverside Park in Downtown Bonita Springs Florida, click the map below for directions.  Parking is free, entry to the park is free. Pets are permitted.

Depot Park at Riverside Park Bonita Springs Florida